World Wide Kiosk is free kiosk software that lets people explore locations around the world.

Let's say you're an organization, a business, a church, or a club. You think globally and you've got things going on all around the world. And you want people to know about it. How do you give them an overview of all the great stuff you're doing, but also let them find the details?

Here's one way: set up a kiosk somewhere (like a lobby, a common room, or a meeting area) and let people explore an interactive map. Let them see all of your locations at a glance, but also let them get detailed information about each one.

This is what World-Wide Kiosk does. And it's free. Just download it, add the information about your locations, and go. You can add text, images, and video for each location. It's designed to work with a touch screen kiosk, but you can also use a mouse.

World Wide Kiosk is currently in alpha, so we don't have any misconceptions about it being perfect. It's being used weekly in a church to tell people about its projects around the world, but there isn't an installer or an easy way to download it.

If you want a preview, you can browse the git repository. World Wide Kiosk is built on Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR, so you will have to know something about those technologies to make sense of the source code.